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I Have Learned...

By Henry Leo Bolduc

I have learned about life, death, and remembrance.  Death comes to everyone - sooner or later.  I did not set out to study the topic of death; however, that study was an unexpected bonus to my real interest:  Research and Development for Past-Life Exploration.

As a board certified Regression Therapist with 45 years of experience in the field, I have conducted past-life regression sessions with thousands of people and have written several books and hundreds of articles about this work.

At the age of fifteen I read the best seller, The Search for Bridey Murphy, by Morey Bernstein.  At the same time, in high school, we were studying the scientific method.  I hoped to apply strict, scientific scrutiny to the book’s premise, which was the subject of past lives.  The research was successful, and through the decades, I was able to develop various methods, techniques, and tools for people to utilize.

Revelations of death and the post-death experience soon became evident as people spoke of their previous lifetimes and of the death experiences that completed those lifetimes.  Some spoke of “staying around” for a few days after the physical body had died.  Their soul or spirit (or some other non-physical form of energy) stayed to attend their own funeral.

After the death experience was reported or re-experienced, I usually asked the person about the soul lesson or spiritual review of the past lifetime.  It was apparent that even after death, souls continued to study, to learn, to love, and to grow in other dimensions.

Everyone can learn to recall deep memories, but only a few can truly learn from the past.  Many continue to re-run or to deny experiences rather than to learn from them.

Past-life exploration contains many bonuses, such as helping people to overcome the fear of death.  Many have said that death is a pleasant state, even though the cause of dying might have been gruesome.  Death can be thought of as a graduation rather than a punishment - as a continuing adventure, as opposed to oblivion.

By the grace of God, I have learned that there is a continuity to life --- that life is eternal, there is one life with many lifetimes.  The harsh things we do to others eventually return as experiences for us to heal.  The good we do for others comes back to bless us.  What we put into our world eventually returns to us in another lifetime.

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This article was submitted to AARP, spring 2007.