Welcome to Earth

You are about to be born. You will have a body and a spirit. You will live in a house called your body...


...You are about to be born.

You will have a body and a spirit. You will live in a house called your body. Take care of this house and it will shelter you for many years. In your body-house, upstairs, will be a brain. Your mind will use it to guide your path through life. Train your brain and your body to do its very best. Start early. Strong, healthy thoughts build strong, healthy livese


...Your citizenship on Earth will begin at birth. You will be a part of the great family called “humanity.” Be responsible to this family and respect all of its members. You will be respected in return.


...At birth, God will give you a special map. This map will show the best way to travel along the road of your new life. It will remind you of the good things you learned in

past lives. It will warn you of dangers ahead and will help you to steer around them. Pay attention to the memory map, your birth chart. It will guide you safely along life’s highway.


...Another gift from God is your own free will. Even when you use your road map, you will need to dacide which way to turn. Make good choices and learn good things along the way, such as kindness, patience, and forgiveness. Learn to be joyful and generous to others and everything you need will come to you.


...As a child, you will perhaps recall events from previous

lifetimes.                  Those memories

might fade as you get older and as you become more involved in the current lifetime. What is called “life” is like a road that winds from the past, through the present, and into the future. On

this road you might see signs and reflections of your past lives—your deepest memories. You will discover your strengths, weaknesses, and talents. You will understand how to build your life into a good experience. While traveling on the road, you might meet people you have known before. Perhaps you will recognize them.


...As you grow in your life on Earth, you will be given many chances for adventure. Make the most of those opportunities and learn from them. Your world can be filled with the beauty of nature—the mountains, valleys, rivers, and seas. Travel, go forward, and meet people in many different lands.


...As you grow and learn about yourself and about the God inside you, you will find there are ways that you can change the world for the better. By using your free will, you can make choices and take actions that will bring more love, kindness, understanding, and wisdom to your human family and to the planet on which you live.

Appreciate and serve your human family. As you serve humanity, you will also be serving God. Loving and helping your Earth family will bring you closer to God who created everyone. Soon you will begin to see God in all things, including yourself.


...Heal yourself first. When you are a better person, the world will be a better place. Others will see you as an example of what can be done when healing comes from the inside. They will find encouragement to do the same. The best teachers learn by doing and, then, they teach by example.


...Be kind and patient. How you treat others will be important to you. Be kind to others and kindness will come back to you. What you do to others, sooner or later, walks through the doors of your own house. And remember to be kind and patient with yourself.


...Be a friend. Others will respond by being your friends. Show honesty and respect to your friends and they will do the same for you. Good friends help to make a happy and successful life.


...Enjoy your life. What you think, say, and do will determine how productive and interesting your life will be. You can create your own destiny. You can design your future lifetimes.


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