Edgar Cayce's Hypnotic Journey

In his readings, Mr. Cayce, tells us that at the superconscious level, we can gain access to the Akashic Record, a chronicle of everything that has ever been thought, said, or done by everyone who has ever lived. The Akashic Record, also referred to in the reading as the Book of Life or the Book of God's Remembrance, can be thought of as the revelation of the Creator's all-emcompassing wisdom and knowledge.
Reading Number 2533-8 asked, "What is the Book of Life?" ANSWER: "The record that the individual entity itself writes upon the skein of time and space, through patience - and is opened when self has attuned to the infinite, and may be read by those attuning to that consciousness."
The following excerpt from Chapter 11 of "Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self" by Henry Reed (Copyright 1989 by The Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc.) describes Mr. Cayce's hypnotic journey to the Hall of Records. (A verbatim account of his waking description of his journey in the trance state taken from comments he made at a public lecture.)

"I see myself as a tiny dot out of my physical body, which lies inert before me. I find myself oppressed by darkness and a feeling of terrific loneliness. Suddenly I am conscious of a white beam of light. As this tiny dot, I move upward following the light, knowing that I must follow it or be lost.
"As I move along this path of light I gradually become conscious of various levels upon which there is movement. Upon the first levels there are vague horrible shapes, grotesque forms such as one sees in nightmares. Passing on, there begin to appear on either side misshapen forms of human beings with some part of the body magnified. Again there is change, and I become conscious of gray hooded forms moving downward. Gradually, these become lighter in color. Then the direction changes and these forms move upward and the color of the robes grows rapidly lighter.
"Next there begin to appear on either side vague outlines of houses, walls, trees, etc., but everything is motionless. As I pass on, there is more light and movement in what appear to be normal cities and towns. With the growth of movement, I become conscious of sounds, at first indistinct rumblings, then music, laughter, and the singing of birds. There is more and more light, the colors become very beautiful, and there is the sound of wonderful music. The houses are left behind, ahead there is only a blending of sound and color.
"Quite suddenly I come upon a hall of records. It is a hall without walls, without ceiling, but I am conscious of seeing an old man who hands me a large book, a record of the individual for whom I seek information."
On other occasions, Cayce "felt himself to be in a bubble traveling through water to arrive at the place where he got the information" according to records in the A.R.E. library. In another instance, he "went up and up through a very large column"; passing by all the horrible things without coming in contact personally with them, and came out where there was the house of records. It, the column, wound around a wheel like the Rotarians have. He felt very secure traveling that way. (End of excerpt.)

According to the readings, contact with both the subconscious and the superconscious is possible for all minds making the infinite wisdom of the superconscious available to each one of us. To communicate with these levels of consciousness, we need the ability to put our egos aside and attune ourselves to God, the universal source. In Edgar Cayce, this ability was developed much more highly than in most (the readings attribute this to his many lifetimes as a healer); but the sources that he drew upon and the information he obtained are available to everyone.

Path of Light

Artist: Julia Fierman

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The following sayings were often repeated in the more than 14,000 documented readings. Fore more information write
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Quotes and Similes:

"Magnify Agreement, Minimize Differences"
"Stepping Stones, Not Stumbling Stones"
"Use, Do Not Abuse, Opportunities"
"Kingdom of Heaven is Within"
"Nothing Happens by Chance"
"If You Call I Will Hear"
"Truth Needs no Justification"
"Be Content, Not Satisfied"
"Be a Channel of Blessings"
"Here Am I, Use Me"
"Do That Thou Knowest"
"Co-Creators With God"
"Journey of the Soul"
"Condemn No One"
"Fruits of the Spirit"
"First Things First"
"Use that at Hand"
"First Find Self"
"Know Thyself"

"Spirit is the Life,
Mind is the Builder,
Physical is the Result"