Henry Leo Bolduc

Edgar Cayce, whose life work and spiritual accomplishments led him to be called America's greatest mystic, was born in 1877 in Kentucky and spent his boyhood years on the family farm. He developed a strong interest in the Bible while still a child, and in his pre-teens resolved to read it competely through once every year for his entire life. He had a strong Christian faith and drew on the inspiration and guidance he found in the Scriptures, along with prayer, to aid him in discovering and attuning himself to God's will.

In his youth, Cayce's life was a simple one, typical of that of most boys of his generation. However, occasionally his unusual psychic gifts became manifest. For example, one day while alone in the woods reading the Bible, an angel appeared to him in a vision, told him that his prayers had been answered, and asked him what he desired, He replied that he wanted to be able to help people, especially children. This desire to help others was the driving force in Cayce's life; and when giving readings, his primary concern was that the information be accurate and beneficial to the people for whom they were given.

Edgar Cayce's special healing gifts were first used on himself. At the age of fifteen, while playing ball at school, he was struck in the spine by a ball. The blow left him acting strangely for the rest of the day. That night after having gone to bed, in a trance-like state he told his parents what had happened and what to do to correct the problem. They complied and the next morning he was normal, having no recollection of anything that had occured since he had been struck.

In 1901, Mr. Cayce began giving readings for other people and continued these readings, typically twice a day, for 43 years! The complete significance of his work is yet to be fully appreciated. Even so, he is now recongnized as one of the most amazing men of the 20th century. His pioneering work in the highest realms of the mind bewildered the scholars of this day. His wisdom and benevolence will continue to unfold as we grow in our understanding. And this was a man who was initially very reluctant to use his exceptional ability.