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NEW BOOK by Henry Leo Bolduc:
"Adventures Into Time"

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"Adventures Into Time" is Henry Bolduc's last book, which was written before he passed away in 2011.

Henry offers a practical application of Past-Life exploration and self-hypnosis for the enrichment of our current and future lifetimes, based on his 45 years of experience in the field of Past-Life Regression.

What makes "Adventures Into Time" unique is the simple, concise way that the concept of exploring our past lives is explained. Henry uses examples and episodes from his own life to explain the concept of how we might have learned skills and lessons from previous lifetimes.

This is not a "self-help" book, but a book that introduces concepts, insights and practices that you may find relevant or useful in your own life.

This book includes Henry's original "Past Life Regression" script. This script may be customized for recording your own regression session, or for use with your clients.

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How Many Past Life Faces are on the Tree of
 Life? Henry, our loving friend, teacher, and mentor passed away on Saturday, July 9, 2011. He was surrounded by his friends and family during his final days --- but we all hated to see him go.

One of his favorite quotes, from Edgar Cayce was: "Just be kind and patient." Henry was indeed a kind, patient and a very generous soul. The world was a better place when he was among us.

Henry Bolduc was a certified hypnotherapist with 45 years of experience in past-life exploration and research.

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Henry's goal with this web site is to share experiences, ideas, and writings with you in hopes that you'll find something to assist you on your way through the great adventure called life. On you'll find material which isn't available anywhere else.

Please feel free to download or print out any information on this site which you may find helpful, and pass it on.

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