Henry Leo Bolduc

Henry's most popular books are now available on-line. These books are now completely free to download. There are no longer any copyright restrictions so you may use the material freely. Permission is hereby granted to reprint, in any form, any materials for either personal, professional, or educational use.
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"Self-Hypnosis, Creating Your Own Destiny"
by Henry Bolduc
Self-Hypnosis, Creating Your Own Destiny

"Self-Hypnosis-Creating Your Own Destiny" is now translated into Spanish and can be downloaded freely click here
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"Life Patterns, Soul Lessons & Forgiveness"
by Henry Bolduc
Life Patterns, Soul Lessons & Forgiveness


The books The Journey Within and Your Creative Voice
by Henry Bolduc are freely available for download at
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ENTRENAMIENTO INTENSIVO Terapia de Vidas Pasadas is also available for download.


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