Henry Leo Bolduc

Almost everyone can recall a past-life memory. Remembered or not, your unconscious mind harbors the memories of many past lives. This is my most significant finding from forty years of guiding regressions.

I have guided individuals in past-life regression for forty years. For twenty-five of those years, I also guided audiences. Additionally, I have guided myself using cassette tapes and have been guided in person by friends and colleagues. During this period, I conducted twenty-five years of meticulous research relying heavily upon the teachings and wisdom of Edgar Cayce and Dr. Milton Erickson. This labor of love has been personally rewarding, very exciting and has produced a number of valuable insights into the workings and potential of the human mind. The purpose of this article is to share some of those insights in the hope that you will benefit spiritually and that you lovingly will make profound and positive changes in your life. The results of past-life regressions are consistent; there is depth and meaning to it all.

For some people, past-life recall is slow and careful. For others, information flows as a mountain stream. Some "see" the memories, others "feel" the information deep inside, and others "hear" an inner voice - the prompting of memory.

The format of regression work is to allow a story to present itself from deep within the unconscious where the soul records of each individual are vast. Those stories lead to an understanding of who we are and our purposes in the present life. The stories are rich and believable. This is particularly evident following a number of regression sessions where we can recognize patterns in the various lives that present themselves. Those patterns reveal an honest connection between present- and past-life experiences and many parallel present-life occurrences. Often, present-life episodes have a past-life origin and the stories contain amazing lessons. The lessons are revealed most markedly by the life patterns we recognize in the stories.

As the story of a particular lifetime is revealed, most people identify with themselves although they have a different body and are in a different time and location. Other people recognized in the story often exist in the present life. Such repeated meetings can be either for pleasure or for the need to confront an unresolved issue.

Wisdom is learned only through experience, often the accumulated experience of many lifetimes. The soul lessons are those lessons learned or not learned in any given life, past or present. In the learning comes wisdom. Regression enables the processing of soul lessons, adding to the tapestry of life and the wisdom of the individual. Examining the results of multiple regression sessions with respect to a present life, is like adding photos to a family album. The story becomes richer in detail and clearer in purpose.

My many years of experience have led me to realize that past-life regression work is largely focused on forgiveness. In this way, the hurts of the past can be healed. It is important that the hurts are forgiven but that the lessons are retained. In this way, the hurt can be avoided in the future. Thus, the past holds the keys to unlock the future. It is important that all hurts be forgiven - those associated with others and those associated with us, as individuals. Forgiveness work is an important factor in the soul lessons from past lives.

Regression work is a compassionate and an effective therapy. The focus on hurts is balanced with gifts such as skills and talents that are the bonuses or blessings brought forth from the past. These gifts are the fruits of gardens planted in the ancient mists of time, sometimes planted before recorded history.

Past-life regression not only benefits the client but also the therapist. As the client learns of his or her lives, the therapist learns through the experiences of the client. This learning is a rich reward well beyond any monetary compensation. Through this work, I have gained a reverence for life - the life of every soul.

The memories of each individual contribute to the collective memory of all humanity. Everyone is connected like drops in an ocean of life. The life of one droplet blends and melts into the lives of other droplets. All of us are linked together, or rather united in the vast sea of God's love for all humanity.

I believe that every soul reincarnates in a particular lifetime for one of three reasons. First, we may reap the benefits of grace resulting from the good we have done for others in the past; second, we may correct our faults, thus balancing our good and bad deeds - referred to as karma; and third, we may experience life in such a way that we can contribute to the ocean of life.

Through conducting regressions and regression research, I have become inspired by the reverence of the work. Although therapeutic, the work is primarily spiritual by its very nature because it gives life continuity and meaning. Past-life exploration is sacred, spiritual work. Regressions produce sacred stories representing gifts from the vast unconscious mind. Such sacred stories help us to redefine the purpose and meaning of life. Conducting regressions has enabled me to grow spiritually beyond measure.