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The Edgar Cayce readings often encouraged individuals to write, speak publicaly, and to teach others. Here are a few Cayce quotes to inspire and encourage YOU to write, speak and teach others.

Edgar Cayce

Writing, Speaking, and Teaching


Do not write merely for the act of writing. Have something to say and SAY it well - in an interesting manner, in a constructive manner, in a way in which it will be a helpful experience for those who would read same. T1731—003 M (Pg 2)

Write, practice in same, but especially those things pertaining to children. For the entity likes children. For you had plenty of them once! not all thine own, but these are part of thy consciousness. Children’s books, especially those stories and books which are for girls in that period of awakening to the creative forces as from within. Let them be about the outdoors or of trips through the imaginations of the self, through the mysteries of mind, through the actualities of travel.

Do the things in the writing that you have always wanted to do yourself. Visualize, and you will make it and can use it to the advantage and help of others. T5l03—00l F (Pg 2)

In writing, in speaking, take no thought of that necessary to be said, for in that selfsame hour there will be given that correct to be written or spoken. Applications of the forces, as given. Do that.
T0900—254 N (Pg 2)

FIRST let the writing be,
“What is my moral, social, physical STANDARD, in the light of that I know?” in axiom, in line, in short paragraphs, but put them in black and white! Then the next day, or that next period, read them over! IF they’re necessary to be changed, change them, but do not tear the first up! Change them, put them away; they will become stepping-stones for great things, if the right - or the straight and narrow path - is chosen as to all relatinnships. T0849—0l0 M (Pg 4)


(Q) Should I write a book or lecture?

(A) Write MANY books, MANY pamphlets, MANY lectures. Writing is greater in this experience for the entity, though lecturing is a manner of the personal contact for that written to be brought closer to home.
T1837—00l F (Pg 5)

(Q) Considering the recent developments for my work in the lecture freld, please inform and instruct me as to its purpose and signifigance; where is it leading; if I should continue to promote it, and if so how I may expand its scope to express and serve the more?

(A) This is not merely a channel, but a channel of great opportunity for the entity to be as an emissary, a teacher, an instructor to those in many walks of life, in many phases of consciousness, in many activities in which those very principles, those very tenets that have neen indicated are so much needed. T1472-0l3 F (Pg 2)

And the natural inclinations or tendencies, and the abilities of the entity, are to INSTRUCT and to teach and to write and to lecture and to GIVE TO OTHERS a comprehension.

For it is as life itself, which is the manifistation of the Father - God, - GIVE ye, if ye would have! Only that ye have given away do ye possess. Only that as ye have taught to others do ye come to comprehend thyself. For ye see it manifested as it blossoms and grows to fruition in the lives of others. T1992—00l F (Pg 3)

(Q) Please give any special advice as to my present work as teacher, lecturer, writer that I may better fulfill God’s purpose in my life.

(A) In the activities that have been indicated for the body. The abilities are here. Get self out of the way and let the principles of that ye would present be first and foremost. . . These may appear hard words, but until self is eliminated — as a teacher, as a lecturer, as a writer — what you purpose to present can have little effect on others.

You can teach, you can lecture, you can write. But SELF must be eliminated. T2067—0l2 F (Pg 2)


Yes, teach and be not afraid, for In the hour that you stand before those would hear, it will be given thee what to say. Even as he brought to remembrance the promise, for memory brought in the light of consciousness is the outpouring of spirit. (Memory is the mind of the soul.)
T0137—125 M (Pg 1)

For, ye came into the earth with naught; ye will not carry that with you that is of material valuation, - only that as of mind and spirit that is a growth in the consciousness that the earth indeed is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.

THAT, writh about, THAT teach; as ye practice it in thine own experience. T2783-001 M (Pg 3)

Learn, or teach, or train the body - not only to be good, but to be good FOR something. Let there be known there is a duty to self, and hope in service - for without service to the other, one may gain little in THIS experience in life's forces, for Life itself IS a service. T0053-001 M (Pg 3)

Teach them, then, as thyself. For as ye teach, do ye learn that not of self but as the gift of the Father may happiness and joy and understanding come to the experiences of men. T1431-001 F (Pg 6)